About Us

We are passionate about the latest trends in computing, and in particular the possibilities offered by Cloud Computing in its broadest sense.  We will discuss the various flavours of Cloud Computing, from a private Cloud hosted and maintained by an organisation’s own IT service to a fully-outsourced Cloud hosted and maintained by a third-party service provider.  A particularly hot topic is Cloud Infrastructure and the associated benefits and drawbacks of insourcing, outsourcing or establishing a mixed environment.

We provide a platform for Industry leaders and strategists to come to us to investigate, discuss and refine their views on Cloud Computing.  Equally, those new to Cloud Computing can come to us to learn the state of the art and to plan their organisation’s future computing infrastructure by seeking advice and guidance.   This is particularly important as the shape and form of Cloud Computing develops and matures.

We challenge our community to look at Cloud Computing from conventional and unconventional and out of the box viewpoints.  Straight from the shoulder conversations and reviews from our experts come from years of experience in the ICT and business environments.

We need contributors in order that we reflect a broad range of views and opinions.  If you feel you can contribute an article or blog posting, please contact our editors. We appreciate and value all contributions.