6 Ways Cloud Storage Can Enhance Your Company’s Security

6 Ways Cloud Storage Can Enhance Your Company’s Security

Here are 6 ways that could storage can make your company more secure.

  1. Disaster Recovery If you store your data on in-house servers, then a simple disaster could destroy all of your company’s critical data. For example, if a flood, fire, or other unfortunate event happens at your company’s premises, then your servers could be ruined, as well as all of the vital data stored on them.However, if you store your data on the cloud, then it will be protected, even in the event of a disaster. In fact, even if every single electronic device in your office is destroyed, you will be able to recover your data within minutes on a new computer through cloud technology. This is a crucial advantage of cloud storage.
  2. Human Error Loss Prevention Whether it is spilling coffee on a computer, stepping on a thumb drive, or losing laptop, human error results in countless data-related accidents occurring every year. In fact, in airports alone, 800,000 laptops are lost every single year!Storing data on the cloud can prevent data loss when human error would otherwise cause substantial data destruction. Cloud storage is like an insurance policy for general carelessness, clumsiness, and routine accidents. It provides a failsafe countermeasure for human error which could otherwise be extremely problematic.
  3. Increased Privacy Using a private cloud for your company protects your business’s data by putting a type of gate around it. Not only are private clouds hardware independent, and service only your company, but you can also choose your own setup and login processes.Both of these things can make it significantly more difficult for your data to be hacked. With a private cloud, the specific security needs of your company can be accounted for and addressed individually. Since it is only your company using the cloud, everything can be completely tailored to your needs. This can greatly increase security.6 Ways Cloud Storage Can Enhance Your Company’s Security
  4. Protection From DDOS Attacks From 2015 to 2016, there was a 125% increase in the amount of DDOS, or distributed denial of service attacks. A DDOS attack is when hackers overwhelm a company’s website by sending incredibly high volumes of traffic to it. These attacks can be devastating to businesses. They can cause tremendous amounts of damage, and prevent a company from offering its services for a specific amount of time, resulting in major losses.Cloud technology can help to increase protection against DDOS attacks. It does this by first monitoring for them and using built-in security measures to try to prevent them from happening. However, if one does occur, then a good cloud computing solution will be able to absorb and disperse the traffic effectively, to prevent a true denial of service.Preventing a denial of service can equate to saving millions of dollars in business for some companies.
  5. Increased Organisation With cloud technology, a company’s sensitive data can be kept in an organised and protected location. Any employee with access can simply log onto the cloud to access the data.Considering the fact that 43 % of companies had a data breach in 2014, it is very helpful for security reasons to not have data stored on many different servers or in many different locations. Keeping data highly organised can prevent the risk of it being compromised.When data is stored in a centralised location, it is easier to monitor, manage, and maintain. Cloud technology allows for this effective storage of data.  
  6. Reduced Need for Physical Documents Physical documents can be great for conveying information. However, they also provide an unnecessary risk. Once a physical paper document has been printed, there is really no telling exactly who will end up reading it, if it is discarded. Unless it is shredded with a shredding machine, that document can be easily picked out of a recycle bin by hackers looking to gain access to information.Further, the more paper documents that your company uses to share or store data, the greater the chances are that at least some of these documents will be mishandled, misplaced, or misused.Cloud technology can help to mitigate these risks. This is because, with cloud technology, documents can be stored on the cloud and edited by multiple team members. Since they can be so easily stored, shared, and edited on the cloud, there is no need to print them out, unless an official physical copy is needed for some reason. This can drastically reduce the chances of having a document with sensitive data fall into the wrong hands.


In 2016, data breaches cost companies an average of $4 million per incident. This number is up 29% from 2013. Part of the reason why these incidents are occurring is because companies now have an increased capability to compile data. Thus hackers can be more interested in attempting to illicitly retrieve the data.

However, if you want your company to be protected from data breaches, then it is important to partner with a high-quality cloud solutions provider. Such a provider will be able to store, protect, and preserve your data with great effectiveness.