Choose Hosted Desktop provider wisely

Five Things to Consider when Choosing the right Hosted Desktop Provider

Hosted Desktop Service or Desktop as a Service (Daas) is indeed a growing trend in the corporate world due to the many benefits that a Hosted Desktop provides.

For those who are not aware of what a hosted desktop service is, it is simply the provision of the necessary desktop apps and software that are required to conduct day-to-day business.

That is, companies no longer need to have their own applications installed but can have these applications provided by a hosted desktop provider through the cloud.

This ideally offers a range of benefits to the company as it no longer has to worry about upgrading, installing or storing relevant information regarding the applications. All of this is done by the service provider.

Nevertheless, as with everything else, the service provider needs to be chosen with care. Not all cloud computing providers are up to the standards. Here you will find the five things that are important to consider before deciding on which provider is the best fit.

Choose Hosted Desktop provider wisely

  1. Make Sure the provider is well-acquainted with your business objectives. Be it any cloud provider, it needs to be fully committed to your vision and mission and must understand your underlying goals. This is an opinion that is cited by the Head of Outsourcing vertical at Avendus Capital Inc., Puneet Shivam.Quite obviously, a provider that fails to completely comprehend your goals and needs is very unlikely to provide efficient and quality service. A hosted desktop service needs to be exceptionally robust so as to avoid any disruptions to business operations.Nevertheless, even a very strong service can fall short of the expectations if the service does not directly cater to business objectives. The provider should have a good grasp of what your business is about and how their technology can better improve your trustworthiness in the market.As such, it becomes quite clear that Hosted Desktop providers should not only be technologically sound but also have knowledge of the industry that your business operates in.Without having an awareness of how different industries work, no matter how effective the technology is, the service may still prove to be out of place. Service providers must understand that not all businesses work the same way and that Desktop Solutions need to be aligned with your values.
  2. Is the Service Provider Secure? Security is perhaps essential to anything that a company does. Particularly in a time where security concerns are on the rise due to an increase in cyber crimes, it goes without saying that having all your desktop applications and data stored in the cloud, the service provider you choose must take extra care to keep your files and data safe.In fact, according to Catherine Spence, the Lead Engineer at Intel, states that the level of security can be determined based on the location of the data centres of the provider.
    This is quite understandable. The more critical and sensitive the data is, the closer the company or organisation needs to be to the service provider’s data centre.In addition, the location of a data centre may be an even more serious of a concern if it is located in a country where data protection laws and regulations are not so stringent. Furthermore, regulations may change across national borders and you need to make sure that your provider understands such factors.Therefore, you need to ensure that the provider knows the significance of security and has proper policies and controls in place to protect the confidentiality of data.
  3. Costs. Comparing costs between service providers are no easy task. There are a variety of variables that one needs to consider and obviously, security is one of them.You must find out the network infrastructure of the provider and then determine whether or not the price is justified. A weak network infrastructure may be reflected in a lower price and hence you need to be cautious of those who quote unreasonably low prices.Nevertheless, it is still important to go through the pricing plans that each one of the providers offers. Also, be wary of those who claim to provide cheapest rates in the market. This is because such providers entrap you after you agree to their long-term contracts and other upfront charges.Costs may also cover the long-term impacts of the many terms and conditions stipulated in the contract. Therefore, it is essential that you carry out a detailed cost-benefit analysis before choosing the right service provider.
  4. How effectively does the provider manage resources. Managing resources that are required for the effective maintenance of various clients with virtual desktop service is something that needs to be given proper consideration.Various service providers reduce their cost of management by sharing the resources between the clients that they serve. This consequently results in a poor delivery as users may suffer from disruptions and slow performance.Hence, it is better to choose a provider that offers separate resources tailored according to the needs of the specific client and thus ensures efficient management.
  5. Customer Support. Last but not the least, you must make sure that the provider has the relevant know-how in terms of providing technical support when needed. Of course, this is something that may not be assessed directly by speaking to a provider.Rather, a much more effective way is to find out those who may already be using the provider’s services.Customer support not only includes dealing with technical faults but also covers the provider’s ability to respond in a timely manner.In addition, it is as much important that the provider regularly backs-up and upgrades the applications in order to keep the entire system running efficiently. \Various Hosted Desktop UK services have live customer support facility where you can easily communicate with the support staff and get your problems fixed.


This list is certainly not exhaustive as there are many more factors that one needs to consider. However, the above-mentioned points are the most common determinants of the effectiveness and reliability of a particular service provider.